Easy baked haddock

This won’t take any longer than 25min to make, is healthy and has a lovely lightness to it. A great healthy meal for the kids.

Haddock fillets – 1/2 a fillet per toddler, ideally skinless and boneless

1 medium potato per toddler

Frozen peas

Butter or Margarine

Mixed herbs



1) Put the fish on a baking tray, then put a teaspoon of butter/margarine on each fillet and sprinkle on some mixed herbs. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 20min, check after 15 as you don’t want it to be too dry, just moist and flaky.
2)Wash and scrub the potatos, pierce all over with fork. Microwave on full power for 5min, then check and turn. If they need longer, blast for 3 min, then check and repeat as often as necessary.
3)Microwave peas as per packet instructions.
4)To serve, flake the fish and remove any skin or bones, then pour over any juices left on the tray. Mash the potato with some butter/margarine and milk, with a fork on the plate. Add the peas.


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  1. great your kids eat fish at that age! Take it they not too fussy when it comes to food? You can also gently poach the haddock in milk in oven or on stove top which helps the moistness of the fish too.
    Added your blog to my blogroll 🙂

    • Mine eat almost anything… I often wonder if that’s because I’ve always given them whatever I fancied eating? We tend to eat grown-ups and kids all at the same time…

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