Papier Mache Easter Egg Decorations


Sticky, messy toddler craft fun for Easter. Be sure to wear old clothes and protect all surfaces.

You will need:
A paper plate
Some hay or rafia
Lots of PVA glue
Different coloured sheets of tissue paper
3 balloons

1)Cut the hay or rafia into 6 inch lengths.
2)Put them in a bowl and cover with glue. Stick to plate to make a nest and leave to dry.
3)Blow up the balloons until approximately the size of a hen’s egg and knot tightly.
4)Rip the tissue paper into small pieces, place in a bowl and coat with enough glue to make a thick, pasty mixture.
5)Cover each egg thickly in the paper mixture. Hang from a string and leave to dry until hard.
6)Snip knot off each balloon and arrange in nest.


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