About Toddler Food

Who I am

I am Mum to two toddlers ages 3 and 1, and friends with plenty of other Mums with small children. We’re always saying how we could use some inspiration for things to give them to eat, so that they get plenty of variety.

What this blog is

The aim is to post one or two recipes a week that I have cooked, the kids liked and maybe even helped to make. And to encourage others to do the same via the comments, so that we all get inspiration for family friendly recipes. The recipes use ingredients which are commonly available in the UK and that won’t break the bank. They can be made using basic kitchen utensils in around 30-45min or made in bulk and frozen. Sometimes they might include things that are easy to bake with small children or meals for special occasions.

What this blog isn’t

There is no agenda – the food I cook for my kids isn’t about sneaking extra fruit and veg into them, getting them to eat things they otherwise wouldn’t or following the latest health advice. You’ve probably had enough of that already, and as you’re reading this, I guess you can probably figure those things out for yourself anyhow!


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