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Space rocket craft activity


A good way to keep space mad boys busy on a wet day.

You will need:
A clean, empty water bottle, labels and lid removed
A paper plate
Tin foil, coloured paper etc. to decorate
Double sided sticky tape

1)Cut the rim off the paper plate and wrap it around the bottom of the bottle to form the foot of the rocket. Stick it in place with the tape.

2)Use the center of the plate to form the nose cone of the rocket by cutting a slit from the side to the middle and bending it round. Fix it in place at the open end of the bottle with the tape.

3)Decorate with the paint, coloured paper and tin foil.

4)Once dry, use the string to hang.


Papier Mache Easter Egg Decorations


Sticky, messy toddler craft fun for Easter. Be sure to wear old clothes and protect all surfaces.

You will need:
A paper plate
Some hay or rafia
Lots of PVA glue
Different coloured sheets of tissue paper
3 balloons

1)Cut the hay or rafia into 6 inch lengths.
2)Put them in a bowl and cover with glue. Stick to plate to make a nest and leave to dry.
3)Blow up the balloons until approximately the size of a hen’s egg and knot tightly.
4)Rip the tissue paper into small pieces, place in a bowl and coat with enough glue to make a thick, pasty mixture.
5)Cover each egg thickly in the paper mixture. Hang from a string and leave to dry until hard.
6)Snip knot off each balloon and arrange in nest.